Rapierstar Protect's latest innovative building products include PROSHIELD, a range of water repellent, environmentally friendly masonry treatments that are quick and easy to apply.

They work by deeply penetrating a substrate to provide breathable, invisible protection from damaging water ingress, maintaining masonry appearance, reducing maintenance costs and at the same time, increasing its thermal efficiency.

Hydrophobic Protection


Climate change is not only expected to lead to increases in average temperatures, but also to more weather extremes - colder wetter winters and hotter, drier summers with water being one of the main causes for damage to buildings. In order to counteract these extremes, precautions have to be taken. Among these, the use of hydrophobic products based on nano-technology has shown the best performance in protecting building materials.

Energy Saving


When walls get wet through water penetration, they become less effective at keeping heat in. Even in older cavity wall construction, when the insulation gets wet, it loses much of its insulating qualities which makes it ineffective. Rapierstar Protect PROSHIELD products repel rain penetration and are scientifically proven to reduce heat loss - with a heating energy saving of up to 20% - one single coat application is all that is needed.

Maintaining Appearance


Rapierstar Protect PROSHIELD masonry protection treatments not only protect, but actively maintains original colour and look of building structures whilst allowing masonry to breathe naturally. Rather than blocking the pores and fissures the masonry structure is allowed to breathe whilst repelling water. PROSHIELD products reduce masonry salt blooming (efflorescence) and minimizes the effects of frost damage or spalling.